Do Tech Readers Still Need To Learn How To Blog?

It’s November 24, 2009 and Wired News shows a post titled, How to Start a Blog, in its How-To Wiki.
I at first thought Wired was attempting to give humor publication, The Onion, a run for its money with the post.
But once I was “squared” with what Wired was doing with its How-To Wiki, I recognized that “How to Start a Blog” was a legitimate post.
Since it is published on Wired News in the Wiki format — one in which posts are user-generated and/or edited and the people writing them are not likely Wired staffers — it is interesting for me to see a How-to Wiki user put this post up.

Great Video Interview With Gary Vaynerchuk

The Wine TV Guy, Gary Vaynerchuk’s first book, Crush It!, just hit the streets and it’s already #2 on the New York Times Bestseller List.

Gary has over 1M Followers on Twitter and many consider him a Top 10 Internet Celebrity. He’s been on Conan O’Brien, CNN, Fox News, and several other shows and networks.

WsRadio.com: Potential Social Media Programming Outlet

I am breaking the “flow” here by introducing a fourth BlogWorldExpo ’09 post between 140 Conference posts. But I wanted to get the last post out to you about the BlogWorldExpo ’09 of two weeks ago before the event got too far behind us.

At the Expo, I had a great talk with Mr. Jack Warren, Director of Marketing and Sales for WSRadio.com in San Diego. His company produces more than 60 Talk Radio Shows online that are on topics literally ranging from “A-Z.”