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WsRadio.com: Potential Social Media Programming Outlet

I am breaking the “flow” here by introducing a fourth BlogWorldExpo ’09 post between 140 Conference posts. But I wanted to get the last post out to you about the BlogWorldExpo ’09 of two weeks ago before the event got too far behind us.

At the Expo, I had a great talk with Mr. Jack Warren, Director of Marketing and Sales for WSRadio.com in San Diego. His company produces more than 60 Talk Radio Shows online that are on topics literally ranging from “A-Z.”

BlogWorldExpo 2009

I have a bunch to bring up about from The Blog World Expo ’09. It looks like I am going to have to break it all down in to separate posts, maybe 2-3.

This was a video I recorded on Saturday, Oct 17, at the expo in advance of an interview I did with techzulu.com about TheBloggersBulletin.org. I was told that the techzulu.com interview should air on their site within about the next week or so.