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SEO for Bloggers

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A burning question for every blogger is “How do I improve my SEO so the search engines will rank my content?” To help answer that question, first, I’ll describe a WordPress plugin called “SEOPressor.”  This is a paid plugin costing $47.  Then I’ll share Brian Clark’s tips on how to create compelling content for the…

Blogging with Attitude and Ego

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“Last Friday while leaving office with my friend, she  told me to wait for the weekend in the city itself. Generally every weekend I visit our financial capital (FC) which is also my hometown to meet my parents and also to attend the class for a technical subject (SAP). But me and my friend wanted…

4 Ways to “Pay it Forward” with Social Media


In our obsession to generate more followers, more subscribers and more business, it’s very easy to forget to stop along the way and thank the handful of people who have influenced or helped us the most. In the spirit of the classic movie, “Pay It Forward,” hopefully this post will show you how easy it is to inspire others, and how powerful paying it forward can be.

How Do I Put an RSS Feed on My Web Page?

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Yesterday a web designer e-mailed me this question: “We have a client who wants to be able to post an article to their WordPress blog and have it show up on their Web site.  Your article recently talked about how to get WordPress articles to post to Facebook and Twitter which was great, but do…