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How a Blog Alliance Can Help Your Blog: Interview With Michelle Salater of Sumer, LLC

A few months ago I started a blogging alliance for like minded bloggers. Our blogging alliance is a mastermind group where we help and promote each other’s blogs. Instead of talking about my personal experiences with our blogging alliance, I interviewed Michelle Salater, Owner of Sūmèr, LLC. Sūmèr, LLC, specializes in web copywriting, SEO copywriting, and the promotion and marketing of websites after they launch.

The Direction of the Media Shift

The following is a brief clip I shot at the Social Media World Forum of speaker, Richard Jalichandra, Technorati CEO.

In it, Mr. Jalichandra asked the question that many bloggers probably want to know: who’s making money off their blogs? He answered that Technorati had 1.4 million registered users (Stats revised for 2009) and that 28% of those registered users claimed to either directly or indirectly make money off their blogs