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Social Media Strategy

Businesses, especially small businesses, need to develop a successful social media strategy that takes in to account the different social media platform technologies and how each fits into the business-branding process and the goals and mission of the businesses. Said strategy has to factor in what a business wants to accomplish and what role the strategy itself will play in the overall marketing plan of a business. If you are skeptical about investing the time it will take to develop a well-planned social media strategy, remember: if a business doesn’t plan, it plans to fail — jumping into social media just because it is hip will not do a business any favors

Why Shorter Is Better

I’m not just a writer, I’m a reader. But like many of you, I have only short, sporadic windows of opportunity to read my favorite bloggers’ posts. When I find myself with a few minutes to spare, I open Google Reader and skim headlines to see what catches my eye. Sadly, an average of three or four articles are intriguing enough for me to want to read more.

Seeking Feedback at Gutenblog.net

I recently received this note:


I’m currently an intern for a startup that is working on creating a set of tools for power bloggers. We’re in early alpha stages, so we’re looking for help from bloggers to shape the product with their input and feedback. I wanted to speak with you regarding whether anyone at the The Blog Zone / The Blogger’s Bulletin or any of your users might be interested in providing input to develop a tool to solve their problems and inefficiencies in blogging.

The Ins and Outs of Blogging

Most posts and books on blogging are about “how to blog,” what I call the Ins of Blogging. Topics can range from how to write, what to write about, which platforms to use, and what to do with writer’s block. Tons of posts here at The Blogger’s Bulletin deal with these important, get-started topics.
A harder topic, and one that has less posts even from me , is the Outs of Blogging, or how to get word out about your blog. It’s generally called Marketing.

7 Blogs About All Things WordPress

One of the fun things about being a blogger is there’s always something new to learn regarding what you can do with your blog. Plug-ins, themes, design elements — there’s just lots of great new stuff cropping up all the time. WordPress — which is used by many a fine blog, including The Bloggers’ Bulletin, and my blog, The Communications Strategist — is a popular platform. Consequently numerous websites are