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Is it OK to Self-Promote Once in a While?

The best blogs are about helping others, report relevant information, offering free tips and sharing best practices. Of course, it’s indirect marketing done to promote goodwill. It’s also good citizenship, done to improve the community. Sometimes it’s done without any pretense and that’s ok.

The Jesters, the Kings and the Leaders

In a string of emails about a recent conference I was attending one question became two until the trail led me to the real question on people’s minds: Which companies will not only survive this brutal economy, but which will win? I don’t know but maybe this (tongue-firmly-in-cheek) blog-allegory – “blogegory” — about business people will help you find your own answer.

Recruitment through Twitter

You are no one if you are not on Twitter”, a song by Ben Walker is sure to become an anthem for those use social media to communicate every second. Though envisioned as an SMS based social network,Twitter has become a fast and an effective communication tool.