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Social Media Introduction

I meet people either in business meetings or in my personal life that tell me how excited they are on using social media, how much fun they have blogging – though they are the only reader of their blog – or that they use Twitter to let people know what they are getting for lunch, or on Facebook talking to their friends. They assume simply being on these platforms means they “leverage” social media!

How To Truly Engage With Social Networks

As a blogger you’re into engaging with your audience, right? You enjoy getting comments because it means you’ve inspired someone to interact. You reply back to establish an even more meaningful relationship. Being social, at a distance Social networks enable still deeper connections. Here’s where you can reach any number of people who share similar…

What Would Make Internet Advertising Better and More Engaging?

Since the Internet became the go-to place for research, finding information, entertainment and socializing every business large and small has tried to come up with the best approach to branding, product recognition and monetizing their company’s presence on the web. It doesn’t appear that anyone one or any business has really figured out how to do this effectively.

Social Media Is the S&M of Our Time

Social Media are really a damn pain. I do one or two blog posts and then I have to spend more time socializing them than I did writing them in the first place. They say (the cognoscenti) that a reaction against Social Media is coming, that it will lead to a big shake-out and there will be fewer surviving sites for us ink-stained wretches to deal with.