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Can Podcasting be beneficial to your blog?

When I switched from a Blackberry to an iPhone I rediscovered my love for Podcasts. I found myself downloading and subscribing to hundreds of them. I would conveniently have them with me during the day and when I would do a remedial task I would listen to the news or any other interest that seems to occupy time that I do not have.

Why Social Media Listening is Critical to Marketing

One of the most critical components of social media marketing is determining how to effectively engage the target audience before even attempting to do so. This can be accomplished by listening to the conversations that are already occurring online even before building that Facebook fan page or Twitter account, a step that many marketers forgo.

Promoting Your Blog Using Social Media

Many of my blogs now get more traffic from social media links than search engines. A year ago, the amount from social media was almost nil. There are many different ways to promote your blog using social media tools; I’ll share a few here. Facebook Page People are on Facebook already anyway, so why not…