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What Will Content Look Like?

The battle for readers is going to be won by the bloggers who provide the most useful and entertaining content. A site providing a good, free tool that solves a common problem for your target audience is a link that’s going to be referenced and shared.

Self-Management and Social Media

Your social media use may also require management. I have tried to manage my virtual identity within the various groups I belong to such as blog or groups on Facebook or Linkedin. Let me share with you few of my steps to manage/ organize myself.

Finding Your Company’s Twitter Voice

In thinking about Twitter for business, more and more clients are bubbling up a desire to get a Twitter channel. Predictably, as a curmudgeonly strategist, I repeatedly ask “what do you want to accomplish?” and “what are your business goals for use?” to help figure out whether it makes sense or not.

Review: Red Hot Internet Publicity

As a professional marketing person myself, I always enjoy hearing others in my field speak to gain perspective on how much I know and don’t know among my peers. Also, what new tools I should apply to my current online marketing efforts.

Social Media Strategy

Businesses, especially small businesses, need to develop a successful social media strategy that takes in to account the different social media platform technologies and how each fits into the business-branding process and the goals and mission of the businesses. Said strategy has to factor in what a business wants to accomplish and what role the strategy itself will play in the overall marketing plan of a business. If you are skeptical about investing the time it will take to develop a well-planned social media strategy, remember: if a business doesn’t plan, it plans to fail — jumping into social media just because it is hip will not do a business any favors