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Want a custom search engine? Google’s got a tool for that.

Do you have favorite websites that you read and use as references on a regular basis? Wouldn’t it be cool to have a search engine that scanned only those sites when you’re looking for information online? Get this; Google’s got a tool for that called Custom Search. It enables the creation of a one-of-a-kind, special-for-you…

A Storm in the Cloud: Is Google Run By Brain-Dead Robots?

Cloud computing is hot these days, and for most of us The Cloud means Google. We use Gmail to send and receive messages, GDocs to create or exchange documents, and Google Reader to track our favorite Web sites. Those on the Web check their traffic with Google Analytics and monetize their sites with Google’s AdSense. Some of us even use Google’s Blogger to create and host our sites.

Searching for a Better Search Experience? Try Addons!

You probably rely heavily on the Internet to do business related research. Did you know that all searches are not created equal? You can search the Internet to maximize results and minimize noise by using targeted search engines and with little effort you can get results that are on point for specific goals. I promise, this will not be complicated. I love simplicity.

Your Social Media To-Do List

If you’re on LinkedIn or Twitter then you’ve really already said, “Be active.” But, practically speaking, what else should or can you do? Do you know what’s being said about your company? About your products or suppliers? What about you? Here’s my practical approach.

Social Marker: Another Way to Increase Traffic!

Before we go further, this post assumes that the reader has been blogging for at least 3 months, and has a clearly defined reason for blogging.

So far you’ve been told to:

• Set up a blog in your chosen platform.
• Submit your URL to various online directories.
• Create an editorial calendar.
• Write compelling content that will engage your readers.
• Visit other blogs and when appropriate comment on various posts.
• Approach website and blog owners in your niche to request that your blog link be added to their site(s).
• Promote your blog via social media, i.e. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn.

Google Wave

Jeff Pulver, the producer of the 140 Conferences, mentioned he was sending invitations to use the Google Wave service to everybody who attended the 140 Conferences. So I signed up to use Wave about a month ago after receiving Pulver’s invite.

Well, I searched around on my Google Wave account for a while and didn’t find anybody I knew using it. So, my Wave account sat idle for a few weeks — Waves would seem to need other people to really show their stuff (preferably other people you work with).