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Legal Ramifications – Trademarks II – Creating Rights

Last time on Legal Ramifications we talked about the definition of “trademark” as well as trademark rights. Remember I said that the definition of trademark is any word or symbol that comes to represent the goods or services of a particular source.  When you see the Apple logo on any number of products, you know…

Legal Ramifications – Copyright Law – I

In the last Legal Ramifications, we gave an overview of intellectual property (“IP”) law and said that bloggers will have to contend with two of the three main parts of IP – namely, copyrights and trademarks (patent law will rarely if ever effect a blog).

Legal Ramifications – The Basics Of Intellectual Property Law

All bloggers should know a little something about Intellectual Property (often called IP) law.
Last time on Legal Ramifications we learned a little about the law of libel and how important it is to be sure about your facts when you write something negative about a person that could effect their business. Now let’s look at something more positive (although with a possible negative twist)