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Who Owns Social Media and Why It Should Not Be You

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Determining who is in charge of social media can be a daunting task. Even when social leadership is channeled through the executive suite, it does not stop at the executive level. Often the question becomes “who owns social media?” within the organization. For many new initiatives, he who first touches the new “thing” becomes its…

Legal Ramifications – Trademarks II – Creating Rights

Last time on Legal Ramifications we talked about the definition of “trademark” as well as trademark rights. Remember I said that the definition of trademark is any word or symbol that comes to represent the goods or services of a particular source.  When you see the Apple logo on any number of products, you know…

Legal Ramifications – Copyright Law – I

In the last Legal Ramifications, we gave an overview of intellectual property (“IP”) law and said that bloggers will have to contend with two of the three main parts of IP – namely, copyrights and trademarks (patent law will rarely if ever effect a blog).