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LinkedIn’s new features!

Linkedin like all social media networks has been competing to roll out new changes to attract more users, and provide extra widgets to there users to help them increase their network and client base!  Lately LinkedIn has become heavily involved in this race by launching new integrations like the: – Twitter integration: Lets you take…

In Building a Social Community are We Becoming Snobs?

To continue our discussions about building a social community, are we in danger of becoming social media snobs? I recently bought an IPhone because too many people were teasing me about using an old-fashioned date book.  True, I find it useful to be connected to email when I’m away from my office for an extended…

Your online reputation as content creator

As shared in my previous posts, the time has come for us to seriously think of managing our online persona and reputation. Web 2.0 tools have democratized publishing, blogging being one well known example. But, the lower the barriers to entry, the higher the need for staying relevant: the quality of the content that we are creating and sharing matters as well as how that is perceived and redistributed by others.