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Self-Management and Social Media

Your social media use may also require management. I have tried to manage my virtual identity within the various groups I belong to such as blog or groups on Facebook or Linkedin. Let me share with you few of my steps to manage/ organize myself.

The 173rd Way to Get Out of Jury Duty

Write a blog. Yes, write a blog, but not just any blog — post something that makes it indisputably clear that you don’t believe in jury duty — and then circulate it on Twitter, Facebook and, of course, LinkedIn. Get the word out there, let the electronic buzz precede you into the court room.

Traditional, Smart Marketing: Web 2.0 Will Not Take Its Place

I scratch my head when I see claims that Web 2.0 (or whatever buzzword of the day you want to prescribe to the concept) is revolutionizing marketing. It may be changing the scorecard for some, but for any savvy small business marketer, the concepts being introduced as new have been a way of doing business for decades. There will always be those who stampede toward the lottery promises and complain about their bankroll. Others just really get it.

Social Media Strategy

Businesses, especially small businesses, need to develop a successful social media strategy that takes in to account the different social media platform technologies and how each fits into the business-branding process and the goals and mission of the businesses. Said strategy has to factor in what a business wants to accomplish and what role the strategy itself will play in the overall marketing plan of a business. If you are skeptical about investing the time it will take to develop a well-planned social media strategy, remember: if a business doesn’t plan, it plans to fail — jumping into social media just because it is hip will not do a business any favors