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Why You Need A Social Media Policy in 2010

Policies are dull. No one wants to create them, no one likes to read them and certainly, few desire the job of enforcing them. But they can play an important role in outlining the rules of engagement around a particular set of online behaviors and have a strong role to play in the face of new situations where the there are no standards. This is especially true with the wild west world of social media in business.

Social Media: Why and How Businesses Should Use It

In my previous posts, I introduced social media, its networks and channels, how it changed the face of marketing as we know it. In this post I will entertain the idea on why and how businesses should use social media as part of their marketing planning. There are still a lot of businesses fighting social media being skeptical about its application and try to find any excuses to why not to use it. The most common excuses (please let me know if you hear anymore so I can add them to the list) we “social media strategists” may hear:

A New Marketing Era

Social media has totally changed our lives and our way of communication with our prospects, our clients and even with each other, as shown in my previous posts. Day after day, email is used less as we communicate increasingly through social media networks, blogs or even through our beloved blackberries.The face of marketing as we know it has probably changed forever.

Social Media Plans for the Coming Year

For those of you who use social media (and this including blogging) as a way to connect with potential customers/clientele, it’s a good idea to look at the current tools in your social media toolkit and then consider which current or new tools you want to use in the coming year.