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LinkedIn’s new features!

Linkedin like all social media networks has been competing to roll out new changes to attract more users, and provide extra widgets to there users to help them increase their network and client base!  Lately LinkedIn has become heavily involved in this race by launching new integrations like the: – Twitter integration: Lets you take…

What Will Content Look Like?

The battle for readers is going to be won by the bloggers who provide the most useful and entertaining content. A site providing a good, free tool that solves a common problem for your target audience is a link that’s going to be referenced and shared.

Edit Blog Photos in WordPress Draft – Hint: Use Windows Live Writer

If you use photos in your blogs, you need Windows Live Writer (combined text editor and photo editor for blogs) — keep reading.

If you use a Mac for blogging, it won’t work for you, stop reading.

What can you say about a text editor? It edits text, sure enough, and it’s free, Oh, boy! But you can say the same about many other text editors.

But Wait! An integrated photo editor that’s free, easy to use and customizes high quality pictures for the blogger’s medium – well, that’s almost enough to make inveterate Microsoft-haters stop hating Microsoft (OK, nothing’s that good).

You Tube Video In Post = Higher Google Page Rank?

Google has owned YouTube — the free, web-video hosting site — for nearly three years now. Not too long after Google’s purchase of YouTube, I read a theory about the two that went like this: If your site has videos from YouTube on it, your site will have a higher page rank in Google than similar sites…