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4 Ways to “Pay it Forward” with Social Media


In our obsession to generate more followers, more subscribers and more business, it’s very easy to forget to stop along the way and thank the handful of people who have influenced or helped us the most. In the spirit of the classic movie, “Pay It Forward,” hopefully this post will show you how easy it is to inspire others, and how powerful paying it forward can be.

The Brice is Right

People Who Like People…. Are the luckiest People in the world. Are you singing yet? Put Barbra on in the background, because just like everything old is new again, to understand how to build a blog audience, it only takes a little reconnection Fanny Brice style. Social media mavens like to chat about relationships, the new age term for People, one of the original 5P’s of Marketing. If you want to draw people to your blog, take a lesson or two from Fanny Brice and first learn how to work the room.

The Ins and Outs of Blogging

Most posts and books on blogging are about “how to blog,” what I call the Ins of Blogging. Topics can range from how to write, what to write about, which platforms to use, and what to do with writer’s block. Tons of posts here at The Blogger’s Bulletin deal with these important, get-started topics.
A harder topic, and one that has less posts even from me , is the Outs of Blogging, or how to get word out about your blog. It’s generally called Marketing.