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10 Things to Avoid in a Business Blog

Business blogs are a fantastic way to help establish your credibility within your given industry. It provides potential clientele the opportunity to see the range of your knowledge and your company’s personality. It also helps increase the amount of traffic that is flowing to your company website. However, businesses only benefit from blogging if they…

5 Tips to Excel in Ghostwriting

It doesn’t make any difference if you’re already a great ghostwriter or someone who is just beginning the ghostwriter’s journey. If you have high expectations for your business and you want to succeed as a ghostwriter, you have to be able to provide certain elements. More times than not, we tend to assist in ways…

Repurposing Your Blog Posts

The more you can leverage those creative ideas and carefully crafted words, the better! One way to do so is to repurpose your blog content for distribution through other channels, such as Slideshare and YouTube.