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News Rules For Marketing & PR, According To David Meerman Scott

Back in 2007, when David Meerman Scott’s The New Rules of Marketing & PR blasted off to bestsellerdom, online social networking was just beginning to generate mainstream buzz. Facebook was only available to people with a .edu web address, Twitter was barely a twinkle, and YouTube though bubbling up, hadn’t truly blasted off. All three…

Your online persona’s reputation

Our online persona is defined by digital stuff that we create and who we share it with. Our reputation is then defined by how what we create is perceived and valued by others anywhere in the world. The fact is that your online reputation is now part of your personal identity and, frankly speaking, that is not yet well understood by many.

Alltop.com: Not Just Another RSS Feeds List

Alltop.com potentially offers a great deal of value for business bloggers who, for the purposes of spending more time on their own social media endeavors, seek a way to spend less time tracking down all the pertinent news of the day. Though you may think it is just a hyped-up RSS feeds list, it’s anything but

Do Blog Contests Really Build Blog Readership?

Over the past few months, I’ve been working very hard to build my blog readership and the number of subscribers. Along with building relationships with other bloggers, sharing posts I love, asking people to be guest bloggers, and being a guest blogger for others, I’ve also started running blog contests.