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Seeking Feedback at Gutenblog.net

I recently received this note:


I’m currently an intern for a startup that is working on creating a set of tools for power bloggers. We’re in early alpha stages, so we’re looking for help from bloggers to shape the product with their input and feedback. I wanted to speak with you regarding whether anyone at the The Blog Zone / The Blogger’s Bulletin or any of your users might be interested in providing input to develop a tool to solve their problems and inefficiencies in blogging.

Hedge Your Bets With Multiple Twitter Accounts

Like I mentioned in the email we’ve been using @TheBloggersBull as the Twitter address for the site (for about the last 3 months). True, it represents the first 15 characters of The Bloggers Bulletin and it may be somewhat amusing to say or hear for some (actually that “some” probably represents just me; and any amusement I got from it lasted about 5 minutes, 3 months ago). But it doesn’t seem like it represents the content of the site very well.