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Planning a New Year

As the New Year approaches many will vow to better their lives. They will swear off junk food, fast food, carbs and sugars alike. Just like any human these goals may be unrealistic and unattainable due to lack of discipline and desire. I have found that if you want something badly enough you will reap the rewards of efforts expended. I have also learned that you can not wish for something to fall into your lap without some persistent follow up.

Social Media and Professional Services

Lately there has been in influx of lawyers, CPAs and physicians into the social media arena. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. are now being used by these professionals in an attempt to connect with each other and potential clients. I say attempt because their intentions are good, but their execution leaves much to be desired.

How To Truly Engage With Social Networks

As a blogger you’re into engaging with your audience, right? You enjoy getting comments because it means you’ve inspired someone to interact. You reply back to establish an even more meaningful relationship. Being social, at a distance Social networks enable still deeper connections. Here’s where you can reach any number of people who share similar…

What Would Make Internet Advertising Better and More Engaging?

Since the Internet became the go-to place for research, finding information, entertainment and socializing every business large and small has tried to come up with the best approach to branding, product recognition and monetizing their company’s presence on the web. It doesn’t appear that anyone one or any business has really figured out how to do this effectively.