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Your Place or Mine?

Do the 5Ps of traditional marketing have a place in Blog marketing? There’s likely a place for everything, and this post explores the relevance of Price and Place in the blogsphere.

Seeking Feedback at Gutenblog.net

I recently received this note:


I’m currently an intern for a startup that is working on creating a set of tools for power bloggers. We’re in early alpha stages, so we’re looking for help from bloggers to shape the product with their input and feedback. I wanted to speak with you regarding whether anyone at the The Blog Zone / The Blogger’s Bulletin or any of your users might be interested in providing input to develop a tool to solve their problems and inefficiencies in blogging.

A Storm in the Cloud: Is Google Run By Brain-Dead Robots?

Cloud computing is hot these days, and for most of us The Cloud means Google. We use Gmail to send and receive messages, GDocs to create or exchange documents, and Google Reader to track our favorite Web sites. Those on the Web check their traffic with Google Analytics and monetize their sites with Google’s AdSense. Some of us even use Google’s Blogger to create and host our sites.

Promoting Your Blog Using Social Media

Many of my blogs now get more traffic from social media links than search engines. A year ago, the amount from social media was almost nil. There are many different ways to promote your blog using social media tools; I’ll share a few here. Facebook Page People are on Facebook already anyway, so why not…

Plug-In Recommendations for THE BLOGGERS’ BULLETIN?

The Bloggers’ Bulletin is using WordPress.org on a private hosting account with BlueHost.com. And I am pleased to say that  WordPress.org has worked as advertised.   It is user-friendly, offers excellent template selection as well as a huge variety of plug-ins (so, Mike Clough and Deb Lamb are heroes for suggesting that The Bloggers’ Bulletin…