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Your online persona’s reputation

Our online persona is defined by digital stuff that we create and who we share it with. Our reputation is then defined by how what we create is perceived and valued by others anywhere in the world. The fact is that your online reputation is now part of your personal identity and, frankly speaking, that is not yet well understood by many.

Your Blog as a Virtual Peer Conference

I recently picked up Adrian Segar’s, Conferences That Work: Creating Events that People Love and was fascinated by the concept of peer conferencing. It turns out that peer conferencing uses an attendee-centered model that largely leaves the content of the conference up to attendees. There still needs to be some organizational framework that guides the attendees but aside from that, organizers are more like facilitators then authority figures that control the speakers and content. This largely user generated content (sound familiar) has a lot of similarities to what bloggers should try and build on-line.