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Adding Excitement to Your Blog: Communicate in Person

I was just trolling through the blog of my friend Annie Hart, “Stories That Change the World,” and I realized how exciting her blog is. She uses video extensively and her writing is fresh and appealing.

Granted, she promotes story telling as a distinctive means of communication so it makes sense to see her in action. But, I thought, don’t people want to see me in action, too, even though I have a much more focused business blog?

Flip UltraHD Camera: Vlogger’s New Best Friend?

I’m going to be at the BlogWorldExpo ’09 in Las Vegas from this Thursday evening – Saturday, October 15-17.

If all goes well I’m planning to shoot some video there using a Flip UltraHD camera — a surprisingly high-quality and affordable ($200 retail, $170 + shipping online) means of shooting a couple hours of HD video (720P).