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How IBM Promotes Employee Engagement with Social Media

I am constantly impressed with IBM and its open attitude towards its employees’ use of social media. The company has on its website, for all to see, its “IBM Social Computing Guidelines”. With the start of 2010, other companies, who are floundering with their social media policies, would do well to check out IBM’s guidelines. One of many lines in the guidelines that intrigued me: “IBM is increasingly exploring how online discourse through social computing can empower IBMers as global professionals, innovators and citizens

A New Marketing Era

Social media has totally changed our lives and our way of communication with our prospects, our clients and even with each other, as shown in my previous posts. Day after day, email is used less as we communicate increasingly through social media networks, blogs or even through our beloved blackberries.The face of marketing as we know it has probably changed forever.

Social Media Plans for the Coming Year

For those of you who use social media (and this including blogging) as a way to connect with potential customers/clientele, it’s a good idea to look at the current tools in your social media toolkit and then consider which current or new tools you want to use in the coming year.

The Social Media Landscape

In my first post I introduced social media and its meaning. This post, my second, is about the different social media networks and their proper use. Social media is not an advertising platform but it is a relationship building and nurturing platform. It is an organic online conversation between peers of more or less the same interests, wants and needs.