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Tools of the Trade

In my book Communication Wins, I write about message structure, types of messages, communication strategies, gaining credibility with your audience, audience analysis and many other topics that matter to writers.

Writing Your Blog With Word Tracker by Your Side

I just want to be sure you know about a nifty tool called “Word Tracker SEO Blogger.” If you use Firefox, you can add the Word Tracker plugin to your browser and actually see the key words that people are searching as you are writing your blog. So, you can be sure you put your important key words in your copy.

Being a Good Twitizen (Part 2)

Where can you look for good people to Follow on Twitter? How can you grow your quality Followers? What sites are best for quality content and ReTweets? These questions and more are answered in today’s Post: “Being a Good Twitizen (Part 2)