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Being a Good Twitizen (Part 2)

Where can you look for good people to Follow on Twitter? How can you grow your quality Followers? What sites are best for quality content and ReTweets? These questions and more are answered in today’s Post: “Being a Good Twitizen (Part 2)

Is Inbound Linking for You? (Part 1)

Inbound links are an important and often misunderstood search engine optimization tactic. Every industry and most every subject has web directories listing various sites and blogs dedicated to their subject area. When your site is listed on one of those directories and a link into your site is provided, that’s an inbound link.

Promoting Your Blog Using Social Media

Many of my blogs now get more traffic from social media links than search engines. A year ago, the amount from social media was almost nil. There are many different ways to promote your blog using social media tools; I’ll share a few here. Facebook Page People are on Facebook already anyway, so why not…

You Tube Video In Post = Higher Google Page Rank?

Google has owned YouTube — the free, web-video hosting site — for nearly three years now. Not too long after Google’s purchase of YouTube, I read a theory about the two that went like this: If your site has videos from YouTube on it, your site will have a higher page rank in Google than similar sites…